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REMEMBER THOSE IN PRISON – By Hezekiah Deboboye Olujobi

Heb 13: 3. Continue to remember those in prison as if you were in prison with them, as well as those who are mistreated, since they also are only mortal. The word “remember” means to bring to attention again, to rethink over things again. According to the dictionary the word “remember” means to keep in […]

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COMPASSION TODAY – The Weightier Matters (Part II) – By Rev Olukunle Samson

You are welcome to this edition. This is “The Weightier Matters” which appeared in the last edition. Compassion, Mercy, Kindness and Love. All words that spell differently but mean the same thing.  Compassion is a quality in Christ Jesus life and ministry that you cannot fail to notice it in every step.  He took his […]