CJMR secured the freedom of 7 people from Igbeba Correctional and non Custodial Service,

Not fewer than 28 people have been identified as illegal detainees in Igbeba non-custodial service for lack of legal advice from the Ministry of Justice, Ogun State as the Courts always take the plea from the prosecutors who always come up with the same complains any time the accused appears in courts.
Reprive came as CJMR visited Igbeba Non-custodial centre on her casework intervention for those who may be suffering injustice without a just cause in detention.
Hezekiah Deboboye Olujobi the Executive Director for Centre for Justice Mercy and Reconciliation CJMR said the objective of the intervention is to show how to break the barrier of access to justice for the poor of the poorest people languishing in Nigeria detention.
The Director for CJMR described the success story as a break through and answered prayers of the relations of the inmates and also a strong indication that the judiciary is approachable and opened to any idea that can bring a positive contribution to the Ogun State Criminal Justice system.

Pastor Hezekiah Olujobi thanked the Hon Chief Judge for taken action towards the recommendation of the research conducted by CJMR, he also thanked the Controller of Correctional Service of Ogun State Mr. Benson Victor and the Deputy Controller of Correctional Service of Igbeba Correctional service Mr Joel and the welfare officer Mr Oyebode and all other people who contributed towards the research effort.
Centre for Justice Mercy and Reconciliation made initial recommendation of 14 people on the list who had spent over 7 years in the detention without case files in the Ministry of Justice and others who had spent 10 years in the High Court with inconclusive trial. CJMR make a move to break the barrier and access to Justice and 7 people on the list were released during the visit of the Hon Chief Judge. Hon Justice M.A.Dipeolu FICMC The Hon Chief Judge Ogun State and her team. The 7 people were among the 49 people who were set free as a result of prison congestion because of COVID-19.
After the freedom, Centre for Justice Mercy and Reconciliation CJMR contacted their relations on phone and gave them transportation to their various destinations. The families called to send their warm appreciation to the Chief Judge and CJMR. Some of the inmates are still calling CJMR to express their appreciation some of them paid visit to CJMR in amidst of lockdown.
CJMR shall intensify effort to ensure the rest people get justice.

Pic 1. L-R Martha Olujobi, Pst Hezekiah Deboboye Olujobi, Hon. Justice Muyiwa Olusanya.Hon Justice M.A.Dipeolu FICMC The Hon Chief Judge Ogun State. The Hon Justice…. Rev Olukunle Samson also a Member of Board of Trustees CJMR and active member of Board of Advisory for CJMR and Mr. Benson Victor The Controller of Correctional Service, Ogun State during jail delivery service in Igbeba Correctional and Non Custodial Service, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State.

Pics2. The Chief Judge with the teams of Prison Fellowship of Nigeria Ijebu Ode Chapter, the CJMR, tthe Judiciary and the Staffs of Correctional Service during the February Visit.

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