The Reaper – By Adelere Ezekiel Adeniran

The story was told of a Tenant Farmer in Scotland. The farmer rented a piece of land from a Land Owner. He cultivated the land for many years. He made tremendous income from his farming activities on the rented land. He raises a family and he was averagely comfortable.

As time went by the son of the Land Owner returned from College and was to get married. The family tradition was that the piece of land on which the Tenant Farmer was farming would be bequeathed to the first son to sustain the family heritage. This particular young man studied Agricultural Science and was interested in self-employment on his ancestral family land.

The Land Owner called the Tenant Farmer and told him the “good news” of his son returning home, his son’s interest in farming and the plan for a wedding. He further explained the family tradition and the need for the termination of the tenancy agreement which allows “three months” notice from either side. The Land Owner, however, gave the Tenant Farmer up to one year to harvest his crops and make arrangements for a new location. In addition, the Landowner relinquished the rent for that year and promised to start him up in any other location just as he did when his land was rented.

The Tenant Farmer became unhappy and furious. Instead of making careful plans for relocation, he started planting turns and thistles. He was replacing soil with pebbles, stoned and rocks. Instead of lettuce, he was planting wild plants. In the spate of six months, he had succeeded in turning the farm to an unbearable jungle. He was pleased with himself. He had repaid the Land Owner evil for good.

When it was about three months to the proposed wedding of the son of the Landowner, the Landowner went to the Tenant Farmer. He had two announcements. First, the wedding of his son would not take place again. Second, due to the shame of the wedding failure, his son would be doing his own farming in another town and that he (Tenant Farmer) could continue with his farming without molestation.

The Tenant Farmer became sad with himself. He reaped what he thought he was planting for another person.

“Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.” Galatians 6:7

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